It might feel like summer just started, but before we know it it will be time for the kiddos to head back to school. We’ve compiled this refresher of important safety tips we all need to remember as we gear up for “the most wonderful time of the year”.

For Drivers:

1) Always remember to be on the lookout for school zone signs, and of course obey the speed limits.

2) Always stop for school buses that are loading or unloading children. Pay special attention to children who are crossing the road.

3) Keep your eyes open for school crossing guards, and follow their signals.

4) When dropping off or picking up children make sure you do so in the designated, safe area. Never use handicap or emergency spaces.

5) NEVER text or use your phone while driving (just like any other time!)

Walking to School:

1) Use the same route to get to and from school.

2) Never take shortcuts, you could get lost or it could be unsafe.

3) Walk on the sidewalks, not along the road.

4) Try to walk with other children, there is strength in numbers.

5) Only cross the road when appropriate (crosswalk, crossing guard, street light etc)

6) Always look both ways before crossing the street, and never cross where you are not seen (in between parked cars, shrubs etc)

7) Avoid talking to strangers. Remember to always stay 5 steps back!

8) Never, ever get in a vehicle or go anywhere with someone you don’t know.

9) Be extra careful when crossing driveways. Drivers might not see you when reversing!

Riding your Bike to School:

1) Always wear a helmet!

2) Always stay on the right-hand side of the road and ride in the same direction as traffic.

3) Make sure your child knows all of the appropriate hand signals.

School Bus Safety:

1) Never walk in the drivers blind spot (this is the area from the front of the bus to about 10 feet in front of the bus)

2) Do not yell or misbehave as this can distract the bus driver.

3) Remind your child of the importance of remaining seated and keeping arms inside of the bus at all times.

4) Make sure the bus comes to a complete stop before standing up.

5) While waiting for the school bus, children should remain off the street and refrain from horseplay as many drivers are rushing to get to work and are more likely to get distracted.

Clothing and Supplies:

1) For young children, remove drawstrings from jackets, sweatshirts etc. to reduce the risk of a strangulation injury on the playground.

2) Put heavier items in the backpack first, as this will cause less of a strain on their back. Also, remind your child to use both straps for even distribution of weight.

3) Backpacks should never weigh more than 10-15% of a child’s body weight. Look for backpacks with thick, padded straps.

Happy 2019/2020 school year from all of us at Safety Tree!

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