There’s no way around it, life is hectic. Most of us feel like we’re being pulled in a hundred different directions and while we’re trying to stay afloat life is passing us by. Before we know it our children are older and we wish we had put more focus on our time with them. Being present with the ones we love can be quite difficult in today’s society.

Here are some ways you can focus on what matters and become more present in the moment with your children and entire family:

Eye Contact: When having a conversation with your children or partner focus on their eyes. Not only does it show them that you are really listening to what they are saying it helps you to avoid outside distractions.

Put the Screen Away: I don’t think there’s anything more annoying then being out with a friend who is constantly checking their phone. It sends the message that my company isn’t as important as their social media. This sends the same message to our children. If they are telling you about their day at school and you are casually scrolling through Facebook or reading an email you are basically saying to them “what’s on my phone is more important than listening to you”. We aren’t here to shame anyone because let’s be honest, we’ve all done this. It’s a difficult vice to break, but if you start to make a conscious effort to really focus on what’s happening in the moment, or what’s being said to you (with no device in hand) it will make a huge impact on your relationships.

What’s Important?: A helpful way to focus on the present moment is to ask yourself “what will matter in a year?”. Is it an update on a celebrity’s messy divorce on Instagram? Or focusing on your child or partner? This easy question will bring you back to what’s important in a snap.

Gratitude: When our minds start to focus on the unimportant, a great way to come back to the present is to share gratitude. Reminding ourselves, and our children what we are grateful for helps to bring us back to what we want to focus on. “My favourite part of my day….” Or “I really love how you….” Can only bring positivity to you and your family.

Take a Moment: Whether its just before you walk in the door at the end of the day and your mind is on rushing to make dinner, get the kids homework done and off to activities, or in the morning before you come down for breakfast and your mind is on that big meeting you have today, take a moment and breath. Try to clear your mind, and step into the situation calm so you can focus on those you love before you need to get on with what needs to be done.

None of us are perfect, and life is busy. To think that we can all be 100% present, 100% of the time might be a little far fetched, but if we can take baby steps to try to be more present with those we care about it can make a huge impact on them (and oursel

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