These little tips can put extra money in your pocket!


Credit Card/Optimum Points – If you have a credit card that you earn points that you usually use for hotel or travel consider cashing them in for gift cards that can be used for groceries.

Couponing/Price Matching – Lots of Canadian stores allow you to price match and some will even beat the competitor’s price by 10%.

Curbside Pick-up – You have pre-planned what you are going to buy and won’t overspend or buy things you don’t need. During the current pandemic most grocery stores are offering the curbside pick-up without any additional fee.

Coupon and Cash Back Apps – Some examples of these apps are Checkout51, Ebates, Swagbucks.

Bulk Buying – buy in bulk vs pre-packaged, it will be better for the environment and your wallet.

Schedule – have a schedule so the kids aren’t in the kitchen all day snacking


Use Dryer Balls/Hang Dry– using dryer balls cuts down the drying time or better yet hang your clothes to dry

Thermostat – adjusting the thermostat by just 2 degrees can have a significant impact annually.

Unplug– unplug any small appliances, chargers etc. when not in use, they can still draw electricity when not in use.

Lightbulbs – consider switching your bulbs to LED as the current ones burn out. Turn off lights when not in the room.

Water – have a maximum set time for showers or baths

Curtains– Black out curtains are great at keeping the sunlight/heat out if you are worried about your home beginning too warm with summer on its way

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