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Home Alone Safety for Kids

Home Alone Safety for Kids

Is your child prepared to take the first steps towards staying home alone?

The Home Alone Safety for Kids program helps children gain confidence and skills to stay at home alone successfully. This safety program is designed for children aged 9 through 12 years old.

Safety and awareness are the common themes in this program. All information is current and reflects what today’s children are facing when home alone.

The delivery days of this course vary but it will always be four sessions of 75 mins each and is hosted through Zoom. Each session will include interactive discussion, games, videos and hands-on learning followed by at-home learning with family. 

Our small class sizes are led by Elementary Educators also trained in First Aid/CPR. The Home Alone Safety for Kids Manual and Certificate are mailed out upon completion of the course. 

Topics from This Course Include

Collaborating for Success