The virtual classroom is very similar to an in-class classroom. Some students may be joining the virtual class with friends or may not know anyone and meet new friends from somewhere else in Canada or the USA.

Go to and then choose the course My Safe Life- Virtual ClassroomHome Alone Safety for Kids-Virtual Classroom or Red Cross Babysitting Course-Virtual Classroom for a full course description. There are various dates and times to choose from for all courses. All classes are listed in Eastern Standard Time.

Once you have registered and paid you will receive a confirmation of participation. You will receive an email with the class agenda, what is needed for each class and your Zoom link 2 days prior to your scheduled class.

 What is ZOOM?

 Zoom is a secure online video conferencing platform with real-time messaging and content sharing that allows students to connect with their instructor and other participates live.

The instructor will screen share power point slides, games and videos throughout the training.

Virtual technology easily allows for polling and quizzing to test learning and skill retention in a fun way! The video-based learning component is an excellent way to build first aid skills combined with the daily homework using the Red Cross App. Break out rooms are used for smaller group discussions for some activities.

None of the classes are to be recorded without consent from Safety Tree. There are other participants in the class and you can never record someone without their permission.

 How does the instructor monitor engagement?

We keep the virtual classes much smaller than a typical in-class course. Participants will be asked to contribute to discussions and activities through the chat, or by voice. There are other icons the students can use as well to show their participation ex: thumbs up! Students have homework to complete each day and will need to check in with the instructor at the start of each class discussing how it went.

 Who will be my child’s instructor?

 All of our virtual instructors are certified teachers, you can see any of the instructor ‘s profiles on our website under the instructor tab.

 Is this type of learning right for my child?

 We have had lots of positive feedback since starting the virtual classes, students and parents are really liking the class being divided over the 5 days for 1hr each day. If you have a child that has anxiety, ADHD, speech difficulties, mobility challenges or is distracted easily by their environment you might find that doing the class in short spurts from home works better than our normal 7hr in-class courses.  Each child is different and you know your child best!

 What are Parents saying about the NEW Virtual Classes!

 “My daughter did the first online platform to get her babysitting certificate. She says it went really well. It was nice to meet different kids from different areas of Canada. Megan’s teaching was amazing! We highly recommend Safety tree! and I cannot forget to add that their customer service is awesome….thanks Stephanie!” – Kathleen

 “Thanks Megan for a wonderful class this week! My daughter E loved it and looked forward to it everyday. You offered an enjoyable, useful and practical activity and made it a lot of fun. It was wonderful to see how excited my daughter was to share what she had learned after every class and see how proud and empowered she was. She’s very excited for covid to be done so she isn’t home 24-7 and she can actually try staying home on her own- lol! Thanks again and stay safe!” – Andrea

“G just completed her virtual Home alone course with Safety Tree! She enjoyed it and feels more confident in the idea of staying home alone! Thanks so much for having this available!!!
Our fire safety plan is also now all organized and we all know what to do in case of fire! “- Shelley

“My son did the online babysitting course earlier in April. The online element was engaging and the daily homework made everyone in the home more aware. He is in the process of rounding out his new “babysitting” kit, ready for after Covid-19 and I feel more safe about him out doing it too.” – Chris

“My daughter just finished the virtual course. It was very engaging and informative. She learned a lot. I really appreciate the effort Safety Tree made to continue this important course at this time.” – Sarah

“Our boys really enjoyed the online classes. Theo instructors engaged students and kept them learning throughout the entire hour classes. They were excited to go back on each day, and keep learning. These courses often aren’t offered on our small community, so this was a great opportunity for our boys. Thank you! “– Kristin

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